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Become an honorary member of the Mordy Ducks, Melbourne's newest baseball club!

We're a bunch of guys who love baseball and who are starting a new club in Melbourne that is focused on attracting new adult players to baseball by starting at a social level. We're all about mixing fun with baseball.

In our area there are plenty of social sports like indoor soccer or basketball, but there are no social baseball options. Our club will make it easy for players to join and enjoy the game by being the halfway point between an indoor social sporting team and a full local sporting club.

What do we need funding for?
The majority of funds will go towards the purchase of shared equipment like helmets, catchers gear, balls and baseball gloves - this way a new player can show up at a game and have everything ready to go.

Approximately 10% of the funds will be spent on one-off launching costs.

When do we need the funds for?
To get everything ready for the Winter 2018 season which starts in March, we need the funds by the end of 2017.

For every single supporter we've designed a Mordialloc Ducks baseball card that we'll personalise with your photo, name, number and basic player details. It's our way of saying thanks! Check out all the rewards at our GoFundMe account. Every bit of support counts!

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