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The First Game, The First Win!

Mordialloc Ducks defeated Forest Hill Gray 6-3
Forest Hill: 3 runs, 2 hits, 4 errors
Mordialloc: 6 runs, 8 hits, 3 errors

It was a momentous day for our club as we took to the field for the very first time with 14 players - many of whom had very little or no experience in playing the game.

The weather which washed out many other games across the state threatened to play a part but the worst of it had cleared prior to the game, allowing us to clear the diamond and get on with things.

After the first pre-game rev up by coach Stephen Gailunas, and after a ceremonial pitch by club president Ben Newton which can only be described as being "a little better than 50 Cent's", the game began ominously for the Ducks as Forest Hill started with a double and a walk, which turned into a run scored via wild pitch just prior to the 3rd out.

We looked to respond with a hit to the leadoff hitter however 3 ground-outs meant we went into the next inning empty-handed. And while Forest Hill got another run in the 2nd and kept us to nothing, we increased our hit count through the one-two combo from cousins Matt Verbene and Aaron Wilson.

History was made in the 3rd inning as Adam Ballinger got on base via a fly ball to center but was put out at second on a ground ball from Jared Smith. However with Jared still on first, Lachlan Mollica hit an opposite field double, then Mark Proctor made it to first on a dropped 3rd strike to load the bases. Up came Paul Dunham, a rookie with just a couple of pre-season sessions under his belt. Paul hit a second opposite field double, scoring 2 runs and nearly getting himself out by overrunning second base.

We hit the lead for the first time in the bottom of the 4th after keeping Fielder's Choice off the scoreboard through the first double play (an unassisted double play by Jared). On 2 outs and bases loaded we scored from an error and 2 wild pitches. Forest Hill clawed one back in the top of the 5th but we responded by scoring one from a fielder's choice. At the top of the 6th and with 2 outs, the Forest Hill runner on 1st was picked off and with time of game called the celebrations kicked off for the club's first ever win in its first ever game.

Scotty & Balls did a great job as pitcher and catcher, with Scotty pitching with variety in speed and pitch type to the Forest Hill batters on their toes.

A big thank you to Belinda Worton who is training Ben how to score - this game had plenty to learn from and you (Belinda) were a great teacher.

A few firsts to note for the history books:

First Pitch: Scott Rodda
First Out: Pop Out in Foul Territory, caught by Adam Ballinger
First Strikeout (as pitcher): Scott Rodda
First Hit: Ben Newton
First Double: Lachlan Mollica
First Run: Jared Smith
First RBI: Paul Dunham
First Steal: Matt Verbene
First Double Play

Winning Pitcher: Scott Rodda
6IP, 2H, 1ER, 6K, 4BB

Umpired and Managed by: Stephen Gailunas
Scorers: Belinda Worton and Ben Newton

First Lineup:
Ben Newton
Paul Dunham
Shaun O'Reilly
Scott Rodda
Eddie Meadows
Matt Verbene
Aaron Wilson
Benjamin Davenport
James Coyne
Adam Ballinger
Jared Smith
Lachlan Mollica
Mark Proctor