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FAQ, or Frequently Asked Quacks

Who are the Mordialloc Ducks? What's your aim?

We're a new baseball club currently in our second ever season in 2019. Our aim is to be the amateur club that has the most fun in all of Australia.

For all the latest updates please go to our Facebook page.

Do people play baseball in Australia?

Yes! In fact, there are 5 other clubs just within the City of Kingston!

There are number of Australians currently competing at the highest level in the Major Baseball League in the US, and the ABL (Australian Baseball League) runs every year with teams in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Locally, Baseball Victoria is the state body, and there are separate winter and summer baseball leagues. Baseball Victoria runs the Victorian Summer Baseball League while affiliated associations (such as the Dandenong Baseball Association, or the Melbourne Winter Baseball League) administer the winter leagues.

Why the Ducks, and why green, yellow and white?

Mordialloc is home to the Mordialloc Creek Reserve where a number of different types of ducks make their home! Plus, it gives us license to make some quacking puns.

There aren't too many clubs with similar colours, and we reckon that helps us stand out.

What kind of club are you?

We're a social-style club, like the mid-point between a weekly indoor soccer team and a full blown sporting club. We want to see more people playing baseball and having fun, without having to worry about the same time commitment.

That means:

  • We want beginners
  • There's no mid-week training
  • We do pre-season training
  • We do things like going out to events and having sandlot sessions

Do you have juniors?

Not yet! We're working on our juniors plan currently. Let us know if you'd be interested in having your child play, or if you'd like to volunteer to help us get Mordy juniors (or ducklings) off the ground!

Where do you play your games?

We play at Cheltenham Baseball Club, on the Lakeside Diamond (Diamond 3).

Away games will be played against clubs such as Forest Hill, Knox, Watsonia and Ringwood.

How long does a baseball game go for, how many games are in a season, and when are they played?

In the D division, games are time 2-hour games, with a 1-hour warmup. There are 17 games in the season, with finals to follow.

Games are generally played on Saturday, at 2:40pm. Times may change depending on other fixtures.

How much are fees?

The fees are split between the Baseball Australia/Baseball Victoria cost, and the club fee added on top.

Baseball Australia fee:
Winter Only (yearly cost covering both seasons): $55.46

Baseball Victoria fee:
Winter Only: $46.54
Winter/Summer (per season): $42

Club Fee:
Full time players: $125/season
Part time players: $25/season plus $10/game

To clarify:

For players looking to play at Mordialloc for the 2019 Winter Season and aren't involved in a summer club, the cost is $55.46 + $46.54 + $125 = $227/season. Part time players: $55.46 + $46.54 + $25 = $127/season plus $10/game.

For players looking to play at Mordialloc for the 2019 Winter Season and were registered to play during summer, the cost (because you've already paid insurance) is $42 + $125 = $167/season. Part time players: $42 + $25 = $67/season plus $10/game.

Click here to register and pay your Baseball Australia & Baseball Victoria Fee.

Click here to pay your club fees.

How much for uniform & equipment?

First time player? We've got your equipment covered. You can even borrow a uniform too. You will need to purchase a cap to play.

If you're wanting to get the full kit, here are some approximate costs:

Cap $40
Uniform (Top)
White Pants
Socks $10-15
Fielding Glove
$150 and above
$120 and above

Where will you hold your club events?

At The Sporting Globe on Main St, Mordialloc

Can women play?

Absolutely. Baseball is a unisex sport and many other clubs have mixed teams.

What does the uniform look like?

Like this:


How do I buy merch?

At a game, or through our Redbubble account, click here to view all the designs we have on offer. We've also got some caps, hoodies and basketball jerseys, click here to find out more..